Strategic Partners & SP Alliance

Strategic Partners

You have an excellent product however, you would like somebody WHO will take your product and supply compelling answer around it to the client to really demonstrate however nice your product is.

ENTERPRISE IT is that somebody. we have a tendency to perceive the complete technology stack; we have a tendency to perceive the SME and Enterprise markets during this region; we all know the first adopters, the thoughts and laggards in your target markets; we all know WHO ought to be your marquee client to assist cross the gap to mainstream markets; we've got deep insights on the proper thanks to approach them, their getting processes and preferences to check through a deal. Because, we have a tendency to ar one level nearer to the market than you.

We not solely facilitate generate bigger market share for you, however rise up deep intelligence from the front-line back to your Product Management team for quicker higher cognitive process and assist you outgrow your competitors. we might like to work not simply along with your Channel Managers however with Product Managers too, to deeply perceive your product vision and consequently educate ourselves and your target markets. Imagine planning to your target market with AN untested product? To avoid it, we are able to creatively collaborate in your NPD initiatives to assist repeat quicker to succeed in ‘product-market fit’ supported our active market feedback than attend the market with AN untested product.

So, we are able to assist you to, Open up new, revenant revenue streams, and Keep your purchasers extraordinarily happy to return back to you for additional Your ideal profile can be,

An IT INFRASTRUCTURE MANUFACTURER / DISTRIBUTOR WHO need to grow market share during this a part of the planet. You sell computing, storage devices, network equipments, telephone and security merchandise, {and need|and need|and wish} to either check out the Asia Pacific market or want to travel aggressive along with your Go-To Market ways A software package answer supplier WHO would like a reliable and knowledgeable back-end Infrastructure partner for your software package comes. If you build massive scale mission crucial applications, then you would like AN Infrastructure partner WHO is knowledgeable within the areas like Infrastructure capability designing, system, server, network and security architectures and be reliable to make sure the success of the project and your consumer

An AGENCY that has Business Services, Accounting & payroll services, Real-estate/facilities/interiors services, promoting & Advertising services. we have a tendency to grow revenues along by cross-selling merchandise & services to our individual purchasers. Technology is AN enabler for any business, thus if we have a tendency to place our inventive brains along, there is innovative ways that to serve our customers higher

A advanced STARTUP primarily based anyplace within the world, have a market valid, innovative product within the areas like massive knowledge, Analytics, metal and Cloud. you wish to scale-up while not gifting away abundant of equity, then we have a tendency to ar able to facilitate. We build, operate and manage the whole Infrastructure on prime of that you initiate. you create full use of our promoting and sales department, existing base of consumers and partners to grow sharply. Btw, we have a tendency to ar Entrepreneurs too !

SP Alliance

The Enterprise IT Alliance could be a association of similar APAC Technology Service suppliers returning along to execute IT comes by leverage on every other’s strengths and adding worth to the client by optimizing resource utilization. The alliance is nurtured for many years currently, lessons well learnt and finish to finish method well efficient and optimized. None of the established project management methodologies like Water-fall, PRINCE2 Or Agile is similar temperament for such multi-vendor project execution. ENTERPRISE IT has devised a proprietary method which will guarantee success of geographically distributed service delivery dead thru’ multiple stakeholders.

How will it facilitate Customers ?
Speedier Project delivery by accessing alliance resources while not holdup on due diligence Mitigate Project execution risk since ENTERPRISE IT takes possession of end-end project delivery Cost distinction is irrelevant since SP Alliance members work on role based mostly partnership model

The Enterprise IT’s worth proposition can shine thru’ if your challenges square measure as follows:

You want to execute a multi-region project however need a single contact purpose to possess finish to finish implementation responsibility.
You want to have interaction a regional IT Service supplier however don't have the required native expertise.
You want to acquire, ship and setup IT equipments in a very remote destination, however don't have the expertise with provision, customs clearance and multi-vendor management.
You want IT work force with specific skillset for a selected length in a very specific location. And, you would like it desperately.

How will it facilitate Enterprise IT members ?
New Revenue opportunities in your native market
Faster access to regional markets, as well as the moneymaking SG Market
Faster access to complementary and niche services from ENTERPRISE IT and alternative regional members