Lease IT

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Save time, money and hassle with our simple, transparent process that combines IT leasing, management and replacement into a single seamless and flexible service. Our revolutionary approach to IT acquisition will transform the way you manage your IT assets.

When partnering with us, you also benefit from dedicated customer service support, our user-friendly online asset management tool and a range of complementary services designed to make managing your IT assets easier and more transparent than ever before.

IT Leasing

Easy, effective life cycle management that lower your total cost of ownership. IT leasing free you from heavy expenses for procurement of IT hardware (notebook/servers/tablets) with a 24 / 36 lease term. Leasing limits help you to retain budgeting control.

Asset Management

Total transparency knowing what equipment you have, where it is and who is using it. Full knowledge of equipment age, what needs to be replaced and when. You would be able to generate clear on-demand reports for budgeting purpose and finance reporting.


Timely replacement saves you money and hassle. Prompt reminders to return equipment at end of lease period eliminates expensive lease extensions. Robust, proven processes ensure data is properly wiped from all returned equipment. This ensures that your employees always have the latest, most appropriate equipment available.