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Forrester research predicts that by end of 2013, smartphone penetration in North America will be 57%, followed by Europe with 42% and APAC with 21%.

Mobile technologies are redefining computing. Making sure your staff can access applications and data while on the road or home or from coffee shop is not a luxury anymore but an essential business requirement, even more so in a highly digital society such as Singapore.

Mobility increases business productivity. What you were able to accomplish in X days, can now be done in X- ΔX, due to increased access to applications and data to your staff on the move.

Say, your annual revenue is USD 100 Million, with 1000 employees, working 1,600,000 hours in a year; a 5 % increase in productivity can add 80,000 hours more and thus USD 5 Million to your bottom line.

Some of the mobility business cases that ENTERPRISE IT delivers with excellent ROI are:
Your Sales cycle can be shortened leading to increased sales volume
Your support turnaround time can be shortened leading to increased service quality and thus happier and loyal customers
Your order to delivery cycle can be shortened leading to better cash flow and profitability
So mobility opens up new opportunities and challenges too. How to keep your risks under control yet embrace these opportunities?

Typically, there are three routes to implement mobile technologies in an organization:
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Allow your staff to bring their own device and plug into your corporate network
CYOD (Choose Your Own Device): Allow your staff to pick a device from your IT Assets
DBYOD (Don’t Bring Your Own Device): Stick to the status quo (laptops and desktops)
All the above models have their pros and cons that you need to review before arriving at the right strategy that suits your organization. Due to mass adoption of mobile technologies, secure wireless access is becoming increasingly important as well.

ENTERPRISE IT has been offering a range of mobility products, implementation, support, training, security services and custom solutions to make your organization ‘more agile’. We have developed proprietary processes to measure influence of mobile technologies on your business productivity to ensure you reap the maximum ROI.