IT Support

– thirty ninth of companies’ IT employees ar calculable to lose sooner or later / week to tackle IT issues and chase suppliers

– workers lose on the average five hrs / week because of IT service problems

– sixty nine of respondents born IT suppliers within the past twelve months as a result of service shortage

You as associate IT Executives have 2 choices regarding your IT Infrastructure support.

Recruit, Build and Operate your own Infrastructure support team. However, you'll face mighty challenge to create such a team of the best calibre if it doesn't match into your organization’s core competencies and strategic direction for the long run.

Alternatively, you'll be able to get associate external Infrastructure Specialist organization to supply adhoc or on-going support for you. you wish support rendered at on-the-scene, near-site or off-site either in-person, by phone or email. ENTERPRISE IT has been giving bespoke support services on united SLA (Service Level Agreements) terms with penalties for poor service and reward for prodigious expectations. as a result of IT Infrastructure is our core ability, we tend to ar ready to meet the SLA terms with success.